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Research, development, consulting and training in computational structural analysis

The reason you are here …

Whether you are searching for the simulation analyst in biomedical or a structural performance, the finite element developer, composite material designer, building energy performance analyst, you are in the right place. We are happy that you are here, helping us to grow.


• Numerical modeling of the physical laws and implementation into efficient code • Thermo-mechanical Finite Element (FEM) development • Thermo-mechanical Finite Element (FEM) Analysis, compliance with standards • Composite material parameters identification, testing, and simulation • Topology design: shape/material, cost/performance analyses of structures • Assessment of carrying capacity and fatigue strength. • Minimization of energy consumption and CO2 emission in buildings and heating devices


• FEMIX - Reliable multifield multiscale mixed finite element method for thermo-mechanical analysis of engineering and biomedical structures and components of isotropic, anisotropic and orthotropic materials, layer-wise or particle reinforced composites, non- sensitive on finite element shape and aspect ratio, fast and accurate • One to one bridging of FEMIX with molecular dynamics for multiscale analysis of structures over the scale

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Building Physics (Bach.) Energy Efficiency (Bach.) Plate and Shell Theory (Bach.) FEM Finite Element Method (MSc) Computational Mechanics (PhD) Numerical Modeling (MSc)
Fostering the use of Computational Mechanics
structural and energy performance by affordable simulation and only one testing